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Do Your Part to Advance Technology - Choose Linux!

What's this thing that sits atop my lap as though it were an extension of very flesh?

As I push the keys they make a soft tapping sound and a long string of letters transforms into the output of an idea, driven by a quest for an answer to these simple yet powerful questions:

Does computer technology serve humankind as completely as it should?
Am I free to use computers to advance my lifestyle or does some large company own me?

The idea that my computer is doing everything it possibly can is tainted by a corporation, one that is dead-set on profit. It's time for reality. It's time for change.

If you were an employee of the world's largest software company, would you feel as if you were changing the world with your product?

Has computer hardware advanced? What about computer technology? Are we using computers for a good purpose or are computers driving us astray?

The model has changed. No longer is it about the computer, rather it's about the things humans can do with compu…