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Speak your passion for Freedom, Patent Reform, FOSS, and GNU/Linux!!

So you're passionate about software Freedom, Patent Reform, FOSS, and GNU/Linux? Do something about it!! Demand change from your Government representative!!

Use the link below to find contact information for U.S. Government representatives that represent YOU:

Find many newspaper email addresses on this page:
Sent to these addresses to spread the word..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Don't use the Linksys SRW2048 (or any product) until they support non-IE web browsers!

Update: The link below will get you nowhere (and was provided to me after my posting was deleted by Maximus).. as it returns "SRW2048 does not have email support available", what gives? Well I guess I'll just have to vote with the company dollar against Linksys at this point.
Note: Linksys very readily censors any posting that suggests improvement to their products so beware! Your non-carefully-worded posts are likely to be deleted by the admins: maximus, daikunzeon, and Vince_02 (and probably others).

Update: Sent a request to Linksys to support other browsers besides just IE:
Feedback URL:
Message Sent:

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Subject: Please remove the "Internet Explorer" only limitation of the SRW2048 switch


I was wondering if Linksys has any plans to remove the restrictions of the SRW2048 switch so it can be managed by other web brows…