Petition for porting World of Warcraft to Linux

In the interest of getting Blizzard to make a Linux version of World of Warcraft I have done two things:

1.) I created an online petition to convince the makers of World of Warcraft to port their software to Linux (see petition text below). Please consider add your name to the petition!!

Click here to access the petition
Update (12-31-08) Please also sign the duplicate petition here.
----------------------start of petition text-----------------------------
To: Blizzard Game Company

Dear Makers of the game World of Warcraft (WoW):

As Linux users, time and time again we are faced with being "left out" in terms of being able to enjoy certain online games (and other software) the same way that other users do (such as those using Windows). This is a shame because there are actually many more users of Linux out there than the media and most technical sources acknowledge and we deserve to have voice.

The purpose of this petition is to provide for you a visual representation of the popularity of the idea of having World of Warcraft being ported to the Linux operating system, and more importantly, to encourage your company to actually provide a Linux version of the game of World of Warcraft for Linux users everywhere to enjoy.

Also, because Linux is becoming more and more popular everyday, please consider including Linux as part of your larger business model in terms of software offerings moving forward.

Optimally, there would be a version of WoW available for the major versions of Linux and other *nix systems (i.e., Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and Solaris). However, the porting WoW to any of the most popular Linux distros would be a good starting point.

Please review the list of supporting petitioners and consider porting World of Warcraft to Linux for us.

In the spirit of Interoperability, we Thank You in advance for helping to show how popular and worthy the Linux operating system really is!

If you have comments or questions concerning this petition, please direct them to:


The Undersigned

----------------------end of petition text-----------------------------

I sent the following email to Blizzard's tech support to ask them if they are working on a Linux version of WoW and to encourage them to do so (see the email text below):
----------------------start of text-----------------------------

Dear Prestigious GameMakers at;

I was wondering if you are planning to make a Linux version of World of Warcraft(WoW) for all the Linux users out there that would like to play your game online without having to jerry-rig it in order to make it work.

If it's a matter of popularity, could you mention how many potential Linux users it would take for you to consider porting the WoW game to Linux?

I have created an online petition to get this idea rolling, see
The petition has just started so there will not likely be many signatures yet but please check back periodically to see the popularity grow.

I will also be submitting the petition to many online sources such as,,, and others to get the word out.

Please consider porting WoW to Linux so that the masses can enjoy!


Shannon VanWagner
----------------------end of text-----------------------------

So if this works, I'll be making a lot of other petitions for other software to try and get more support for Linux. Let's hit them with lot's of petition names!!

I think it's important that we Linux users let software companies everywhere know that we want to have all types of software ported to Linux.

Note: Blizzard and World of Warcraft are registered names of their respective owners.


  1. ScarletSen5/7/08, 8:56 AM

    Submitted to Stumbleupon as a source. Hope to see this peition working dude!


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