The "Windows" way has past. It's time for Linux.

Imagine using an up-to-date, versatile, powerful, customizable, stunningly beautiful, secure, scalable, friendly, patented-as-free, purely and absolutely and outstandingly awesome Operating System that doesn't require any "Genuine Disadvantage" Plugin or Privacy Breach or DRM harvest. This Enigma of an Operating System also features over 23,000 absolutely-free software packages of all types available for install and is backed by entire organizations, countries, foundations, technical people, and Developers from the world over.

Now open your eyes and you will see, it's the Linux Operating System. Your dream has come true!

Don't let a ginormous, disgustingly-rich, viciuos, and utterly monopolistic company ruin your technology experience. Start using Linux and FREE YOURSELF today.

What am I talking about? Checkout these sites for more information:

Tell all your friends, YELL it out the Window. Linux is here to save the day.

Shannon VanWagner


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