Office Depot Infiltrated by Ubuntu Linux

Have you ever cruised by Office Depot to checkout the new PCs only to findout that the Vista login screen is password protected?

Suffer no more my friend! Follow the steps below and it'll fix you right up...

First, Arm yourself with any Linux LiveCD (checkout, then head over to your favorite computer store, put the cd in any computer that has a cdrom, and reboot the machine to Linux!

The pic above was taken at my local Office Depot around midday.

The cherry machine in the picture has a great monitor, which I was very impressed to see boot right up beautifully.

So I was hanging around playing chess/mahjong/solitaire/etc and then when I was finished, I simply left the Ubuntu Linux up on the screen for the next shopper to enjoy. The Office Depot guy walked by a few times but I guess he didn't quite realize what was really going on.

I am a good samaritan, and kind administrator, and I wouldn't want to leave the next poor soul to experience Vista with a locked screen! Actually I wouldn't want the next poor soul to endure Vista at all for that matter.

So there's my good deed for the day. That was pretty easy.

Of course I didn't click on "install" or delete any files from the native NTFS "hp_factory" partition, doing that would just be uncool (even though Ubuntu would install alongside Windows anyway).

However, I would like to see the salesperson's face though, when he realizes his aisle cap machine with the biggest screen has been visited by the Ubuntu God!

Go Linux! Go Freedom! Go GNU!
(pic credit: Treo 650 - taken by Shannon V.)

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