Updated(06-10-09) This is preposterous.. How come I can't see the (LIVE) speech from the USA President online just because I'm using GNU/Linux?

UPDATE (06-10-09) - Apparently CNN received my message and changed their website so that now CNN Live works great with the Flash Player on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9.04! You can get to CNN Live by clicking the "Live Video" link at: http://www.cnn.com/video

Great job CNN!! Way to support diversity in operating systems. Enjoy your new GNU/Linux viewers.

This is what I see when using an Open Source Operating System to view (LIVE) PUBLIC information that is disseminated from our American President!!

Is this America or what? Why should I BE REQUIRED to use a PROPRIETARY OPERATING SYSTEM to see what our Government (and current PRESIDENT) is trying to deliver via press conference to me, an American? If this is required, where is the Microsoft/Apple federal tax, that will at least give back to America for the restrictions it provides? How is this Freedom in the United States of America??

I was so ticked off by this that I sent an email to the Antitrust investigation department of our Federal government (email address: antitrust.complaints(at)usdoj(dot)gov). Here's the email I sent:

This link doesn't work for GNU/Linux (tested on Ubuntu 8.04):

How come I can't watch what our president has to say (LIVE) just
because I use GNU/Linux?

Please look into this. There's no reason that people using GNU/Linux
should be restricted from news that is delivered by our President.

Parties involved that are creating a monopoly: Microsoft and CNN.

Thank you.

Shannon VanWagner
American Citizen and Veteran

So what do you think? Am I uninformed, or do I have a legitimate complaint? Why should AMERICANS be restricted from seeing messages from our American government, just because we may CHOOSE to use an OPEN SOURCE operating system such as GNU/Linux?


I propose a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against Monopolistic agencies that seek to BLOCK THE AMERICAN USERS OF GNU/LINUX from taking part in Main Stream Media.


Shannon VanWagner
GNU/Linux Evangelist and Veteran

(UPDATE: 19:15 09-24-2008 - I'm now watching the President's speech at: http://www.cnn.com/video/). However, I still believe that we should not be blocked from LIVE government video for using GNU/Linux.

(UPDATE: 09-27-2008 - CREDIT due: After checking out http://www.cnn.com/video, I see there are many videos here that I can play in Ubuntu 8.04. Thank you CNN for making these videos available)

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