Where's all the "Linux Compatible" Branded Stuff Sold at?

Typically, people who purchase computers systems will eventually purchase peripherals as well. However, with GNU/Linux - sometimes this whole purchasing process can become a bit tricky.

BEWARE! When selecting peripherals for the newly purchased GNU/Linux computer, one must use the "careful" and "researched" approach to get the parts that work (it's called supporting the sellers that support Linux).

Think of it, having to select a peripheral based on an unusual amount of prior research to ensure the equipment will work with your computer system, simply because there seems to be a "Gag order" on companies willingness to print "Works with Linux" on their packaging(even though the majority of hardware out there "Just Works" with GNU/Linux anyway).

Consider this - Mr. Ballmer has acknowledged Linux as a bigger threat to MSFT than Apple. And so here's proof that GNU/Linux is a competing Operating System to the market leader! It's time to acknowledge it. In other words, parts sellers - quit trying to act like GNU/Linux doesn't exist!!

C'mon now, major OEMs sell preloaded Linux on their machines: Asus' Eee Pc, HP's Mi, IBM's thinkpads, and Dell's desktops/notebooks/netbooks (to name a few). So somebody's not doing their job here, and it's the computer peripheral manufacturers and computer parts suppliers!

This is why it's time for us to DEMAND that these slackers start testing their products for, and printing "Linux Compatible" or "Works with Linux" on computer products they are selling!

Now of course you could always buy a machine that has some Linux-compatible peripherals included (e.g., from system76.com, or zareason.com, or others ), but what if you need to purchase a peripheral after the fact? This is why we must have computer parts makers raise "Linux Compatible" awareness.

Users everywhere are enabling themselves with technology by using GNU/Linux, so what's up with these computer parts makers?

I looked at the store the other day and I didn't see anything(I was looking for a webcam) that said "Linux Compatible" on the box. This is an outrage!

We're buying computers that are preloaded with GNU/Linux. Where the heck are the peripherals that go with them?!? Why are you shunning GNU/Linux?!

Here's something for the peripheral makers out there... Stop being lazy! Stop trying to force the "tax" on typical users! Fix this problem!

Despite my frustration, some online companies are actually starting to get the idea... Like http://3btech.net (google search term: linux site:3btech.net) and http://newegg.com (search term Linux Compatible) for instance, but there's still a lot of work to be done. To start, I would like to see a "Linux Compatible" link on the front pages of more computer parts stores.

Here's a challenge: make a USB web cam that's compatible with GNU/Linux, print it on the box, make it reasonably priced, and it will sell!

GNU/Linux is alive and kicking - it's time to make products that say "Linux Compatible" on the box.

If you know of a place that proudly displays a "Linux Compatible" category, let me know about it, leave a comment, and they will gain a new customer.

Congratulations on your Freedom! Go GNU/Linux!

Shannon VanWagner

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