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Attention GNU/Linux Supporters - A Call To Action, It's Time for Fight

Ever cheered for the opponent you wanted to win, yelled in encouragement until you're hoarse, and then in a glorious moment.. see your team win? Have you ever seen the underdog team come out of the shadows and strip the victory from the season's statistically best team?

I have. And I'm about to see it happen again, right in front of the watchful eyes of the world.

It's happened all through history, David vs. Goliath, the Normans vs. the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Hastings, the Spanish vs. the French on Cinco de Mayo, the colonial U.S. vs. the British Empire for the Revolutionary War, and other scenarios - time and time again, all throughout history. In each of these instances the comparatively smaller, less anticipated warrior(s) valiantly battled the oppressive giant and miraculously won with an unexpected victory.

Such is proof, it's not the immense number, massive size, or even the high popularity of an entity that wins the battle, rather it's the passion of…

Open Letter to Adobe - Make Flash Player an Open Web Standard for Content Delivery

May 11th 2009

Dear Adobe Inc.,

I'm writing on behalf of the whole planet of Internet users who benefit everyday from open and interoperable Web Standards. Being open and interoperable is what makes our Internet such the powerful information source that it is.

In this day and age we need more than de-facto standards for sharing data, rather we need documented standards that are rigorously engineered, refined, tested, and most of all proven to be standards-worthy and capable of working on any device that is connected with the Internet. An open standard should allow for future development and use by future members of the community.

We are at a crucial turning point in the Information age, what we do now will profoundly affect the future of computing technology, and we need a media delivery engine that is unbiased, freely adaptable, extensible, and open to the sharing of information in an unbiased way.

In the interests of making media delivery available to everyone on the Internet in a sta…