Open Letter to Logitech - Secure Your Spot as the Premier Linux Devices Provider

Dear Logitech,

As an IT Professional, electronics consumer, and GNU/Linux user, I am continuously looking for Peripherals providers that support the "Universal Operating System" (GNU/Linux).

I'm the guy that you'll find in the nearby BestBuy store, or Walmart, or even Office Depot, hunkered down in the electronics aisle, flipping over boxes looking at "System Requirements" to see if there's any indication of vendors doing the right thing and printing "Works with GNU/Linux"(or perhaps even affixing the Tux Penguin emblem) on their packaging. And although a great number of peripherals and hardware work with GNU/Linux, sometimes it's still a bit difficult to be absolutely positive. With your help, I aim to change that.

Yes, GNU/Linux is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of technologically advanced human beings since electricity itself was implemented in a useful fashion. The truth is, supporting GNU/Linux is not only a great humanitarian effort, it's a great contribution to the advancement of science and technology. Also, by helping to advance GNU/Linux, this is perhaps the most excellent indicator of outstanding Corporate Citizenship. Companies that help GNU/Linux are companies that care about the future of technology, and they should be rewarded with the best business.

When I go to the nearby electronics store I see basically two types of peripherals and related hardware, the type that are made by a company based in Redmond, and Logitech. I would like to see the Logitech type become more prominent.

After doing some research, I see that your company already has the beginnings of being a great supporter of GNU/Linux compatible products. For instance, when I point my browser to and search for Linux - some results for webcams appear. On the webcams pages, it says: 'Enjoy fast easy setup of basic video calling features on ... and Linux'. I also see that the Logitech inspired website called provides the GNU/Linux drivers for many webcams. The list of Linux capable Logitech webcams is at:

So I'd like to take this moment to extend to you the idea of your company securing its rightful spot as a "Premier provider of GNU/Linux compatible peripherals and hardware", and ask that you proudly display the "GNU/Linux compatible" markings on your product packaging.

Here's to your future as a great company, corporate citizen, prosperous business leader, and premier provider of peripherals and hardware for technology.

Thank You.

Shannon VanWagner
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