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Time For a New Computer? With Linux Maybe You Don't Need It.

According to this article on, "As of the end of August 2010, Windows XP is the most widely used operating system in the world with a 53.1% market share".

Now that's a lot of computers! And as a technology expert, I know my way around computers, and I also know Windows XP. And something else I really know, is how SLOW any Windows computer gets over time. It's like this disease sets into the Windows(often in a matter of just months) that just sucks the life out of it. This is a very nasty, and terribly debilitating disease. It can slow your progress to a stand-still, and it can add excruciating pain to your digital life. Logging in takes forever, programs are slow to start, the task-bar and startup process become riddled with junk, and your system becomes a real dog.

While often this terrible performance is just the rot that Windows suffers over time, in a significant number of cases - the slowness can be caused by other means - like malicious activity. C…

How To: Tether Windows to the Internet via your Android

First Things First

The first article I wrote about this subject was for Tethering your GNU/Linux machine to the Internet via your Android. That article has been visited and proven to be useful by many, many visitors, including callout  from this story at

As for this entry, I decided to write it for two main reasons. 1.) I wanted to see how easy it would be to use FOSS tools to connect windows to the Internet via the Android, and 2.) Some friends and co-workers of mine have asked for the windows version of the tethering instructions. By documenting this process, IN NO WAY do I endorse using windows as your primary operating system! 

Let me be clear... My suggestion is that you use GNU/Linux instead of any other operating system! I say this because GNU/Linux is the only truly Universal Operating System and therefore it’s vastly superior to other operating systems that are available today. And now that I have your attention, please take some time to learn about how yo…