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UPDATED: Netflix Supports Open Source? Really? Where's the Linux Client?

UPDATE 10/2014 - Netflix streaming now works perfectly in Ubuntu GNU/Linux on Google's Chrome browser!! Hooray!! Thank you Netflix for embracing HTML5 and cross-platform-compatibility! 

Netflix Supports Open Source? Really?

Could have fooled me. Because, despite the recent blog entry entitled "Why we use and contribute to open source" by Kevin McEntee, VP of Systems & ECommerce Engineering at Netflix, Linux users everywhere are still left out in the the cold, clientless, and not able to enjoy Netflix like everyone else.

How can Netflix claim support for open source software while not providing a Netflix client for the most widely used open source operating system on the planet? If they're backers of open source, how is it that can Netflix shun the crown gem of open source projects, the most versatile, universal, dynamic, and successful GNU/Linux operating system?

I'm truly at a loss for what to call it, other than FAIL. It's simply not possible to take Ne…