Google+ Here's my invitation to you (about 150 of you actually)

For those who haven't signed up to Google+, I extend my invitation (about 150 of them actually).

With Google+ you get:

Circles - control who has access to what, where messages get sent, etc

Hangouts - Video Cam chat with several people at once (also share youtube videos in the main area)

Games - Addicting, fun, Destined to waste your time.. Awesome!

Sparks - follow/share/collaborate about your interests

And, the reason I like it best:

Data Liberation - Download all your input to Google+ at any time (in zipped format) (yes, unlike fb)

Plus - so much more...


Shannon VanWagner


  1. Why don't you publish your invitation link? That's easier for you and the person who want's to join Google+.


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