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So you want to make Windows XP faster?

Do the steps below and you're sure to see a notable difference....

Note: Before performing any of the following -- have a disaster recovery (backup) plan in place, I'll write about how to have a good one of these in a later blog.

For now creating a restore point in XP using the "System Restore" function via Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Restore will suffice. Should you decide you don't like the changes made below, you can revert your system to it's previously cluttered state with your System Restore point .

1.) Start by killing something... Simple, Kill the prefetch function of XP to make your PC start faster.Quick 'n dirty on prefetch - To make what it thinks are your most used programs load faster, XP adds ".pf" program shortcuts to the \Windows\Prefetch folder. XP will then execute the ".pf" shortcuts during your system startup to "Prefetch" the programs into memory.