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Verizon DSL "Doesn't Support Linux!!" It works just fine if you can connect to the modem.

UPDATED - Verizon DSL modem and Linux setup - a painful experience, but why?Because if Verizon finds out that you're using Linux, they are gonna say they can't help you!!!

There should be a law against this kind of crap! I never knew that Verizon was in the business of limiting what Operating System system I have on my computer!

So my friend's old modem died after just 2 months. She would power it on and no lights, nothing. So the only thing left to do was to contact Verizon for a new modem. Then Verizon shipped a shiny new Westell model e90-610015-06 modem.

After receiving the new unit, we plugged it in to the phone line and to the computer Ethernet port. Then we powered it on, DSL light shows steady, Ethernet light flickers, Internet light is blinking in a steady pattern.

So we login to the Kubuntu Feisty 7.04 Linux machine, the network shows as connected but we can't surf the web.

So here's what we had to do to get up and running with Verizon:

Disable the irritating …

The easy-way to "Dual-Boot" Kubuntu Linux with Windows XP - just "Shrink" your Windows Partition

The easy-way to "Shrink" your Windows XP partition with the GParted LiveCD and prepare your hard drive for installation of Kubuntu Linux.
Have plenty of free space on your hard drive (that's currently occupied solely by your Windows partition) and want to installing the great new Kubuntu Linux too? Want to keep your original Windows XP system intact while having the option to boot into Kubuntu Linux whenever you want? Read on to see how you can Shrink your Windows XP partition so you'll have plenty of room to install Kubuntu Linux. With the use of the open source GParted utility (think partition magic but easier) you can very easily "Shrink" your Windows XP partition quickly and safely without purchasing any additional software.
To install Kubuntu Linux (or any other Linux distro for that matter) you should "Shrink" your Windows Partition to make room for your Kubuntu Linux installation. You can then install Kubuntu in the extra space that you free …