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List of 21 Vital (but Free) Systems Admin Utilities - Part I

Published by Shannon VanWagner at 16:23PM on 07/31/07

Want to un-Break some computer systems? Checkout my list of 21 powerful System Administration tools and be the Fix-It Master! I've used these tools quite often over the years as an IT Professional and so I thought I'd get a list of them posted out there for everyone to see (Houdini SysAdmin please forgive me) . Whether you are trying to recover from a forgotten system password, gleaning data from a dying hard drive, cloning systems for mass distribution, or simply testing your network for vulnerabilities, these tools will help put a smile on your(or your users/boss/etc.) face. All of the tools are free to download and most are free for personal use. If you see a tool that you like, checkout the website where it came from, you'll probably find more tools. Also, if you find a tool that really helps you out of a bind, consider making a donation to the author of the tool (if they take donations). My Thanks goes out to those …