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Why Switch to Linux? Here's a few Reasons!

Linux = freedom (.)

+21,000(plus) free software packages - this includes all types of programming tools, networking/PC Repair tools, office tools, scientific research tools, media tools, photo tools, kids learning games, bible study tools, the list goes on and on

+Drivers for most common software (pretty good considering the drivers aren't usually provided by the mfgr)

+At least 14 different Office Productivity tools to read/write in Open Document Format (includes and now IBM Lotus Symphony). These tools also save to MS formats (i.e., xls, doc, etc) and export to PDF natively.

+Actually reduces the pirating of software since people can get software free instead of "getting a copy" of a software title from someone else

+Feeling and being empowered to do what YOU want to do with your operating system and software

+Having piece of mind and actually learning more about using computers

+Virus/Malware free (note: use your firewall to be safe anyway)

+No controlling corp…

A story of a man, converted by the Freedom of Linux

Ok so here's my "conversion to Linux story" - Hopefully it will make someone else open their eyes as I have.About three years ago I started a new job as a Windows Systems Administrator. Something I always remember is this guy who used to blurt out "we should use Linux to fix it!" every time we were having problems with a system or server. I used to laugh and tell the guy he was crazy. That person actually tought me a valuable lesson....As the past three years have whirred by, I've supported Windows Server/XP and the whole string of up-sold software that goes along with the Microsoft operating system. I have also been unfortunate enough to have experienced first-hand, how terrible the stranglehold created by Microsoft products is on its users. It has been painful. I say, Microsoft is given too much control over products that run the business world, the products that some of us spend our working lives trying to up-keep, optimize, and make sense of. After all …

Ever been in this situation: "Help, I've deleted a data partition from my computer!"

Ever been in this situation: "Help, I've deleted a data partition from my computer!"

Well, here's a couple of simple approaches that can fix your problem and have you up and running in no time:

Deleting a partition or even files doesn't necessarily mean they are actually removed from the disk.

Enter the Linux LiveCD

1.)SystemRescueCD with the TestDisk utility (amongst other great tools)
Use the Linux TestDisk utility to recover your Windows(or other) partitions...
The TestDisk utility can be found on the SystemRescueCd - a free bootable Linux(of course) disk you can boot to and then recover the partitions with. Get it here:

2.)GParted with the TestDisk utility (amongst other great tools)
GParted utility. This all-in-one Partition Mgr replacement (of the Linux flavor) empowers you with the capabilities of not only recovering partitions with TestDisk, but also you can resize/move partitions(gparted), take screenshots, edit files with vi, i…