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Linux Experts: Please help me get a camera working in GNU/Linux

Small USB Camera for Kids
Make: Sakar International
Model: 16380

lsusb from Ubuntu Linux shows:
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0979:0227 Jeilin Technology Corp., Ltd

Output from gphoto2 (none):
userkid@edubuntu-mach:~$ gphoto2 --auto-detect
Model Port ----------------------------------------------------------

I've tried loading different camera models with gphoto2 but no luck.

Could I ask you for any suggestions as to how I might get this to work?

Also, is there an easy way to list out what device IDs the camera names from 'gphoto2 --list-cameras' match up to?

Thanks SO MUCH for all that you do for Linux!!


Shannon VanWagner

User selects which OS(Linux or Windows) to boot into on all new Dells

My latest prospect for promoting GNU/Linux as a mainstream OS:
Dell Ideastorm: User selects which OS(Linux or Windows) to boot into on all new DellsImagine the headline.."With Dell you get a choice in what OS you can boot into when your computer starts up!" OR "Experience the best of all worlds Windows/Linux with your dual-boot Dell!!"

Dell could be the only company (at least initially) that sells all computers with the capability to select which OS (Linux or Windows) to use after the computer boots up. The computer can be configured to dual-boot Linux or Windows at the factory.

This would give both new users and experienced users the awesome capability to choose which Operating System they want to use every time they boot up their computer!! It's very important that common people get a choice when it comes to which OS they get to use - it's the future of computing!

Technology and Innovation is so important these days and so by offering this feature I think thi…

Brain Dump of Useful Stuff for Technology - From a Techie

Feast on This

Keeping up with technology is tough...
Here's a few of the websites that I keep an eye on to keep up to date:,2662,1237917,00.asp

Websites for help with GNU/Linux (biased towards Ubuntu).
Some people say GNU/Linux doesn't have any support resources. I say Baloney. above link will produce many pages of more links and is the equivalent of doing this search on newbie site:digg.com

Open Source Software Sites.
Most pe…

Let's Bust Through the Last Barriers to Using Linux at Work!!

I've been trying relentlessly for months to completely switch over my company issued computer to GNU/Linux to use as my work machine. Arggh! It's been very frustrating! Everytime I start to figure out a non-Windows path I end up being restricted by applications not playing friendly with Windows.

So what's the problem?
Well there's two major ones actually - Exchange Email System and VPN access

Exchange Email System
For GNU/Linux to be a realistic solution on the work Desktop, it will have to be capable of connecting to the Exchange Server with a Personal Information Manager (PIM) - like Outlook. And don't say that I can just use OWA either OWA SUCKS!! Linux Devs have already started working down this path, I am able to access my email with Evolution (and likely other IMAPI capable PIMs). But we Linux users need a FULL push towards being able to use our machines to connect with the Exchange so we can then be more suited to choose Linux in the workplace.

Where is the Kille…