User selects which OS(Linux or Windows) to boot into on all new Dells

My latest prospect for promoting GNU/Linux as a mainstream OS:

Dell Ideastorm: User selects which OS(Linux or Windows) to boot into on all new Dells

Imagine the headline.."With Dell you get a choice in what OS you can boot into when your computer starts up!" OR "Experience the best of all worlds Windows/Linux with your dual-boot Dell!!"

Dell could be the only company (at least initially) that sells all computers with the capability to select which OS (Linux or Windows) to use after the computer boots up. The computer can be configured to dual-boot Linux or Windows at the factory.

This would give both new users and experienced users the awesome capability to choose which Operating System they want to use every time they boot up their computer!! It's very important that common people get a choice when it comes to which OS they get to use - it's the future of computing!

Technology and Innovation is so important these days and so by offering this feature I think this would help to make Dell the market leader in innovation.

Here's how it might work:
The computer boots up and gives the user a choice with a snazzy, easy to use menu to select whether to enter Windows or to enter Linux (the Linux could eventually even be a few different distros so there would be even more choice!).

The user would then select which OS they want to use for that session, select it and then boot into it. Eventually Dell could then add the functionality for the two operating systems to share(or at least have access to) a part of the filesystem so the user's files could be accessed from whichever OS the user is currently booted into.

There would also be a simple recovery DVD and/or partition that could put the machine back to its original state if the user were to mess anything up.

Think about it, this would give users ULTIMATE POWER and more importantly A CHOICE!!! DELL CAN BREAK THE MONOPOLY AND SET THE NEW STANDARD!


Can't wait to see it!!


Shannon VanWagner


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