A Couple of Things About Linux

Here's a list of a few things that relate to Linux...

1.) Linux changes constantly. Therefore Linux becomes easier, better, more cutting edge, and more fantastic with every iteration of upgrade.

Take Ubuntu for instance, Canonical promises a new desktop and server release every six months. So what might not have worked in 7.04 is likely to work in 7.10, and so forth for every upgrade. I have a Dell Inspiron 2650* laptop with a Netgear PCMCIA network adapter, for which I had to load the beastly (overstatement here) ndiswrapper to make it work in Ubuntu 7.04, the wireless then worked fine. But then like magic, when I reloaded Ubuntu 7.10 in an upgrade, the Netgear PCMCIA network adapter worked perfectly from the LiveCD through installation. What happened was that someone simply posted the problem to ubuntuforums.org and then the devs fixed it, which leads me to my second point.

2.) The more people that use and believe in Linux, the better it gets. Here's the cycle, awesome people develop and make Linux work, the user masses download the Linux and use it, the users squawk about problems they have with the Linux, then the devs fix the Linux and release the next version very rapidly. It's a model that's based on making the OS better (as opposed to other Operating Systems that are driven most by making more profit for the business people than actually making a better product and faster), which leads me on to my next point.

3.) If you adopt Linux, it will change your life. Use and realize Linux, I mean really give it a thorough shot, and a little switch in your mind will actuate and a light will turn on (you may even hear some glass shattering). When the light turns on, you will experience a change in the way that you view and use technology. It is then that you will realize how powerful technology is, as a means for enabling us all as humankind. At this point you might just get a little irritated by the way that certain overly-powerful companies are trying to limit your technological brain. Regardless of your reaction, the change will eventually set in and nothing will be the same (technology wise) the way you know it.

These are only a few points for making what is considered (inaccurately in my view) a big change, but believe me, give Linux a sincere and honest try and you will discover what I'm talking about.

So now we just have to get software companies and the media to actually acknowledge Linux and the hardware providers to include it and support it....I aim to do just that. Join me.

*As for newer hardware, I recently booted up a brand-new hp 6510b (little computer that competes with vaio) laptop at work with the Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD and everything including wireless, sound, etc. worked perfectly without further modification.

Shannon VanWagner


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