Dear Mr. Langa, Please Reevaluate Linux - it's awesome


Dear Mr. Langa,

Since I first became interested in computers your newsletter has been an awesome resource for me. Thank You!

I remember getting my site "" posted as a shared link in your newsletter (back in the late 90's), wow did I get a lot of traffic!!

So I'm writing because I am now a technology professional who started on Windows and have since switched completely over to Linux and I would like it if you could perform another detailed review of the Linux Operating System (Probably of the Ubuntu Gutsy or Fedora 8 varieties (to name a few) since they are distros that have been updated most recently and will likely provide the best functionality).

I see that you did an article on using Linux LiveCDs back in 2005 - located here:
And I also see an article on speaking of Linux in 2003:
Please do an updated evaluation of Linux so we can get your valued opinion!

With Vista hitting the market I've heard a lot of cries of the pains that have been associated with it and so I think it would be nice to see some objective statements concerning the reality of a switchover (or at least dual boot) of Linux as a Desktop Operating System.

The thing about Linux is that the more people that use it, the better it will get. I aim to get more people using Linux and to get the Media and Technology manufacturers everywhere to acknowledge that Linux is truly an alternative to Windows.

Open Source and Linux have brought to us the only true competition to not only the Windows Operating System but also the Microsoft Office Suite at its core. With the advent of Open Document Format (ODF), OpenOffice, Lotus Symphony, and even Google Docs, we now finally see some competition for Microsoft.

As a consumer I see GNU/Linux, Open Source, and ODF making all products (Microsoft included) better for me because of the competition that is created by simply by having choice. As a Technology professional, I am feeling the pain of having to be the "puppet" of Microsoft's restrictions in terms of software upgrades, licensing issues, Interoperability, and general headaches with the "Windows" way of doing things.

Looking forward to your reply.


Shannon VanWagner

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