This Website Works With Linux (WWWL) Campaign

So I was feeling thankful this morning. I was sitting at my Linux box and thinking to myself, "Wow this bank website works perfectly with my Ubuntu Linux machine." And I am thankful for this. I am thankful that the greedy monopolists of the world have not been able to grasp a choking hand onto the Internet that exists because it is free.

About 99.8% of the websites I ever surf to work just fine with Linux. This is monumental and of chief significance.

Such is proof - the Internet is made up of widely used standards. Most people take this for granted. Not me, I know that if the Internet was driven by a single profiteering company or even a group of monopolists that wanted to block out true standards and try to steal the market to get ever richer, the Internet would not be the lifeblood that it is now.


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