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Open Letter - Please Show Linux Credit at Movie Endings

To: Filmmakers that use GNU/Linux

Dear Respected Filmmaker.

I was recently reading an article about how your company uses the GNU/ Linux Operating System to create movie content. I was happy to learn of this because I myself am a dedicated GNU/Linux user/enthusiast, and I'd like to see GNU/Linux gain more market share so that more people everywhere can enjoy this wonderful software. The truly awesome thing about GNU/Linux is the potential and framework it has to continuously become an even more stellar Operating System for into the future of humanity.

So I'm writing to ask that you give credit to GNU/Linux during the time when the credits roll on films you make with GNU/Linux. I usually see some credit given to lots of things in films(and seemingly weird things sometimes at that), but I don't recall any mention of the GNU/Linux Operating System in films I've seen recently. So, to see a nice little Tux Logo and words, "Made with the GNU/Linux Operating System" wo…