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Ubuntu easier install than WinXP on Sony VGN-TZ191N

Being the person who is responsible for rigging up the computer systems for the humble users at my workplace, I am provided the awesome and rewarding opportunity to test out Linux on new computer systems.

Another interesting part of my daily work includes "upgrading" new computer systems that come with Vista installed to Windows XP. Yep, we are another one of those companies that are trying our hardest to stay away from Vista because of all the issues that have been reported about it, and the stiff hardware requirements needed to maintain performance.

So one day we received a shiny new Sony VGN-TZ191N Ultra-light/Ultra-portable laptop for issue to one of our more travel-intensive employees.

Of course since Sony no longer offers Windows XP pre-installed, but does offer some drivers to make it work(this ain't easy), my job was to "upgrade" the machine to Windows XP from Windows Vista.

What I found is that when loading Windows XP on the Sony VGN-TZ191N computer, the…