Digg+Google equals Awesome Knowledgebase!

Digg is a vast database of really, really good stuff. Imagine an Army of Diggers, by the thousands, scouring the Internet everyday, finding the best stories and submitting them to digg. This is a massive, massive resource of information.

Unfortunately, if you're like me, you haven't had much luck with the search tool on digg. So of all the awesome information that's available on digg, it's a shame we can't search through it better, or can we?

That's where our good 'ole friend google comes in...

We can use google.com to search for key terms only on the digg.com site, and reap the benefits of the best information that's submitted to digg! It's easy, check out the examples below. Just paste the search term into google.com, or click the link provided, and you'll be amazed at how easy you'll find what you're looking for.

Click some of the examples below to see how it works.

how to reset windows administrator password site:digg.com
best file recovery utils site:digg.com
install linux site:digg.com
smile site:digg.com
get a job site:digg.com
workout site:digg.com
lose weight site:digg.com
be happy at work site:digg.com
this will make you laugh site:digg.com
computer guru work site:digg.com
improve computer performance site:digg.com
best websites site:digg.com
linux vs windows site:digg.com
cool wallpapers site:digg.com
best admin tools site:digg.com

As you can see... the possibilities are endless!

Thank you digg.com for keeping your vast article database searchable with google(this is very open source like)!!

Thank you google.com for being an awesome search tool!!


Shannon VanWagner
Linux Enthusiast and Digger

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