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Office Online is a farce - it's Office for MS-OS only

I'm seeing all this hoopla about "Micr$oft Office Comes to the Browser" and "Office to be Available for Everyone Online" and what not.


What the headlines should really say is that Office Online comes to the browser ONLY on Operating Systems provided by

Check it out for yourself. Fire up any GNU/Linux operating system, open Firefox, go to

What you'll see is this irritating message:

So don't be fooled.

Micr$oft is putting products in the cloud.

But, NO NO NO, they are not making the products be truly Inter operable with a 1/3 of the OS Markey share. Yes, I'm saying that GNU/Linux is #3 of the top 3 Operating Systems out there.

I say hooray for the Internet. Because the Internet uses standards that can be used by a variety of Operating Systems.

Office online DOES NOT use web standards.

It's another dirty trick to hook you into paying the
Micr$oft OS tax.

Don't buy it!!!

Keep your s…