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Murdered Alternatives - Imagine if the security flawed Internet Explorer were your only choice!

You're probably saying, "there's no way that could happen". But guess what? Thanks to companies that don't adhere to Open and Interoperable web standards, many users may NOT have a choice but to use Internet Explorer to access their much-needed resource!!

The recent colossal security meltdown of ALL versions of Internet Explorer serves as a magnificent reminder as to just how important it is for websites to adhere to Open and Interoperable Web Standards.

The security flaw in Internet Explorer was so bad that industry professionals went as far as recommending that we "Not use Internet Explorer".

Here are some example headlines of the mayhem(there are many more out there):
"Microsoft Scrambles To Fix Flaw"
"Security Experts recommend avoiding Internet Explorer (for now)"
"Serious security flaw found in IE"
"Users of the world's most common web browser have been advised to switch to another browser until a serious security f…

Prey Awesome 3D game - ported to GNU/Linux by Ryan Gordon

Here's the screenshots of the setup of the awesome 3D game called "Prey". Prey was recently ported to GNU/Linux by Ryan Gordon at

Purchase this game in the box from Amazon via this link (about $17 when I bought it), then run a quick script on your GNU/Linux machine to setup the game (3d graphics required), and away you go.

Below is the desktop of my Dell Ubuntu machine. As you can see, I've inserted the first Prey cdrom(icon shown on Desktop), and I've downloaded the Retail version GNU/Linux Prey installer from Ryan Gordon's website here. The screenshots below show that Ryan's installation script is very easy to use, so you can be playing Prey on GNU/Linux in no time.

After Prey is installed, there will be a shortcut in the Applications > Games section (In Gnome) to start the game. Note: You will need to enter the Game Activation key from the Retail version box to run the game.

Voila, up and running. Here's a screenshot and video of game p…