How YOU Can Help To Enable Humans with Technology

How YOU Can Help To Enable Humans with Technology and contribute to the GNU/Linux revolution?

Helping is very simple actually... Just bootup to your favorite GNU/Linux distro, and surf the Internet.

Yes, I said boot to GNU/Linux and simply surf the Internet!

Why does this help? Because when you surf the Internet you leave behind a browser/OS stamp. When your browser stamp says GNU/Linux, you leave a message that says loud and clear "I'm using GNU/Linux and a Web Standards compliant browser - Program your webserver to work with me!!!"

Don't be fooled about the impact you can have with such simple action. Website owners pore over their hit statistics on a daily or even hourly basis. When the website analysts see that you're surfing from GNU/Linux, they will get the message, and you will have helped to maintain open web standards, interoperability, and advancement in computing technology.

Want to go a step further? Be a GNU/Linux advocate. Do you have to be a technology professional to promote GNU/Linux and advancement in computing technology? Nope! All you have to do is be enthusiastic about GNU/Linux, and share your experiences with others. Help someone try out a GNU/Linux livecd, talk to someone about the benefits of GNU/Linux, ask your local computer suppliers to stock peripherals, supplies, and software that is GNU/Linux compatible. Use your voice to help Freedom and GNU/Linux... When you find a discrepancy in fairness, or when you see innovation and competition being squashed by a website, by the media, or by anyone else who seeks to support Monopoly in Operating Systems - Let them know about it!!! Email them, call them, blog about them... raise awareness, and DEMAND open standards and adherence to competitive practices.

Want to do even more? If you are a programmer, consider contributing some of your time to helping make GNU/Linux better. Choose the employment that supports the advancement of computing technology via open standards and GNU/Linux innovation. If you are not a programmer, become one, and consider helping the cause. Another thing you can do is join your local "LUG" or Linux Users Group - these kind souls help others get familiar with GNU/Linux.

Contributing to GNU/Linux doesn't mean that you have to work for free, and it doesn't mean that you have to live in a cardboard box with no money. Contributing to Freedom and GNU/Linux simply means that you have to demand that those whom you associate with professionally adhere to open standards and seek to enable humans with technology(as opposed to restricting them with it).

Finally, if you are the BOLD type(Disclaimer:this suggestion is for those who are aged 18 years or older(or who have appropriate parental permission) only!) - consider getting a LARGE TATTOO or BODY ART that Says "GNU/Linux", and then POST IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET!! Or perhaps you could take pictures of yourself(this is a great idea eh?) in cool places, doing cool things with your new GNU/Linux body art. Be creative, but don't hurt anyone(of course).

Have some more ideas for how to help? Feel free to leave a comment.

There's only one person that can change the world.. and that person is YOU!!

Freedom, it's catching on!
Congratulations on your Freedom!!
Go GNU/Linux and Open Computing Standards!!

Shannon VanWagner


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