Open Letter to Game Makers - Investigate the niche of GNU/Linux compatibility

January 11th, 2009

Dear Respected Video Game Maker;

Sometimes it takes one heck of a company to show enough backbone to explore new and exciting markets for their products. One example of this type of company is Dell. I say this because, by selling Ubuntu GNU/Linux directly to users, Dell has taken a courageous and honorable turn away from the typical supporters of the OS monopoly. This truly does make Dell a power player. If you check around, you will find that many other companies are following Dell's lead to offer what users want, and what they need - technology that enables humans with GNU/Linux.

Over the next 1 to 3 years, and beyond, we are set to see the glory of the GNU/Linux operating system take hold as the prominently used end user platform for computers everywhere.

This is why it makes a whole bunch of sense for you to port your games to GNU/Linux.

But don't take my word for it, checkout the links and information below that I've gleaned from the Internet. You'll find that there are many good reasons you should make a native GNU/Linux version of your games:

  • Jeff Rosen (a game developer at Wolfire Games - makers of the crossplatform(including Linux) game "Lugaru") outlines 5 good (and profitable) reasons games ported to GNU/Linux will do well:
  • This forum at has 80 pages of names of games that people would like to see "ported" to GNU/Linux:
  • This blog with an experimental test of searching websites with the term "linux" shows that many people are searching for "linux client" versions of games:
  • This site is dedicated to enabling Linux users to use 12,251 proprietary(and other) software titles made for windows:
  • See the popularity of this digg article concerning gaming on GNU/Linux as a means for user adoption :
  • Search google using the following search term and you will find lots of articles concerning porting games to Linux:

The time for you to expand into the GNU/Linux gaming market is now. Please consider doing it immediately.

If you're apprehensive, and you're looking for proof as to how successful the porting of games to GNU/Linux would be: Please consider making standard links/buttons on your "System Requirements" and/or "Products" pages that say "Vote here to get this game ported to GNU/Linux"or perhaps "Preorder this game for GNU/Linux now... Note: we need (X number) preorders in order to make it available". This way, you can not only get some good numbers as to the business from GNU/Linux users you are missing out on, but you will also gain popularity as being an "honorable" company that recognizes there is more than just one OS out there.

Thanks for Listening.

Here's to your successfull future with GNU/Linux!!


Shannon VanWagner (on behalf of millions)
GNU/Linux Enthusiast and IT Pro

[I'll be sending this out to as many game makers as I can find. I'll post the list here later]

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