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Where's all the "Linux Compatible" Branded Stuff Sold at?

Typically, people who purchase computers systems will eventually purchase peripherals as well. However, with GNU/Linux - sometimes this whole purchasing process can become a bit tricky.

BEWARE! When selecting peripherals for the newly purchased GNU/Linux computer, one must use the "careful" and "researched" approach to get the parts that work (it's called supporting the sellers that support Linux).

Think of it, having to select a peripheral based on an unusual amount of prior research to ensure the equipment will work with your computer system, simply because there seems to be a "Gag order" on companies willingness to print "Works with Linux" on their packaging(even though the majority of hardware out there "Just Works" with GNU/Linux anyway).

Consider this - Mr. Ballmer has acknowledged Linux as a bigger threat to MSFT than Apple. And so here's proof that GNU/Linux is a competing Operating System to the market leader! It's t…

GNU/Linux As The Platform for the Future of Innovation and Gaming

Some weeks back, I wrote a blog entry entitled "Game Makers, Please Investigate the GNU/Linux Niche". The article was aimed at computer game developers and asked game makers to investigate whether porting many of their popular games to GNU/Linux might be profitable and successful venture.

I wrote the blog entry because time after time I see clues that indicate computer gaming can easily become a successful prospect on the GNU/Linux platform. Also, I wrote because I would like to see many more games ported to the GNU/Linux platform (well of course!).

The truth is, when I think of real excitement and action in the world of computing and technology, I think of GNU/Linux. Consider this: The GNU/Linux way of thinking has brought an un-compiled, basket case of mix-matched(yet very useful and powerful) parts together to create a Desktop Operating System that has creatively morphed into literally hundreds of specialized distributions, each with a more specific style and application. T…

Updated Open Letter to Thanks for Changing To Work With GNU/Linux!

About a year ago, I wrote a letter to asking them to update their website to allow access from GNU/Linux. The old used a special process to watch the content that didn't work with GNU/Linux.

Well this day is monumental. Because just as good eventually wins over evil, night turns into day, and humans advance with technology, today(02-11-2009) - I see that has changed its website and is now accessible using GNU/Linux. Note: may have been accessible from GNU/Linux for some time, I simply hadn't checked back until today.

I really appreciate that has changed it's original setup. By allowing GNU/Linux access, helps to reduce the monopoly of Operating Systems, and more importantly has made a statement to the world that they endorse the use of Open Web Standards, and the advancement of the Internet and technology.

Nice Job Way to play fair. Your actions are an endorsement to Open Web Standards, are a boost to fair…