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Linux on Netbook a failure? Dell doesn't seem to think so.

By comparing apples to oranges, hippos to gazelles, and brick-and-mortar sales figures to online sales figures, some (disgustingly biased and greedily financially motivated) characters out there want you to believe that GNU/Linux on Netbooks are being completely eclipsed by the "other" OS.

Well obviously Dell Computer doesn't think so....Have a look at the picture above from Dell's website.

As you can see in the picture(taken 04-23-09) of Dell's Netbook selection page (left) for the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Ubuntu Linux is just as choice-worthy as the "other" Operating System selection. The choice is 50/50.

Linux on Netbooks is a hit on Netbooks, bank on it. Love it. Enjoy it.

Forget all that garbage that "paid puppets" are trying to convince you about GNU/Linux on the Netbook and it being a failure - it's total political baloney.

Linux is about a gift for you, me, and about about 6 billion others like us. Free yourself, break the glass, choose G…

An Example of a Linux Compatible 56K Dial-Up Modem(PCI) +1 Linux Convert

So the other day I found out that a neighbor of ours was in need of a "donated" computer system to be able to access her Email and the Internet. I heard about this and immediately I thought, "This is a GNU/Linux convert waiting to happen!"

Being a frugal, retired person, what my neighbor didn't want was a monthly Internet bill. This is where comes to the rescue with FREE 56k dial-up access. What's better is that no software is needed to access the service. Simply plugin your local access phone number, username, and password for your free dial-up service and you then connect right away.

So here's the story of me setting out to make a happy new "Linux Convert" out of my neighbor using a Intel PIII based Linux computer and the PCTEL 56k dial-up PCI modem.

I've seen many horror stories around the Internet of people saying that dial-up is not possible with GNU/Linux, and the truth is -they're lying. Just Kidding...well mostly. I …