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Open Letter to Software/Game/Hardware Makers - Be Linux Compatible

Evolution of Technology is truly amazing.
In my previous open letter to computer video game makers entitled "Investigate the niche of GNU/Linux compatibility", I wrote about how game makers should investigate the GNU/Linux niche market for computer-based video games.

In the letter, I made a prediction that GNU/Linux would become the predominant platform of choice for computers everywhere within the next couple of years. For this reason, I suggested that computer video game makers port their games to GNU/Linux, or at least take steps to define the demand for games on GNU/Linux and ensure they were prepared to embrace the opportunity of GNU/Linux as the Universal Operating System.

While I still fully stand behind the idea of porting software and games directly over to GNU/Linux, I now realize things are happening faster than I originally predicted. A few examples are: the movement of Linux into netbooks(no this has not failed, despite all the marketing from from the tech-medi…

Linux on Netbooks - ALIVE and WELL!

Doing my part to bring out the truth about Linux on the Netbook.

There's been a lot of buzz lately about netbooks, and many sources out there have not done their due diligence to debunk the myth of "Linux is Dead on the Netbook". C'mon people, don't just jump on the bandwagon and repeat the marketing spew, do some research and tell the truth!

The real problem is that the vendors who are selling Linux on Netbooks are being mum about it, and so there's not much spoken proof of the true figures of Linux Netbook sells.

Well here's what I say: "Linux IS NOT DEAD on the Netbook!". Why do I believe this? Well, simply have a look at the screen-shots I captured TODAY(07-11-2009) at Dell, HP, and Target websites. Yep, every one of them provides a Linux netbook option. Now why would these prominnet computer sellers (and Target) be offering a "Dead" netbook? Doesn't make much sense does it. Here's a hint, because it sells!

Oh and guess wh…