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Linux at the Workplace Just Got Easier with Evolution's PST import capability

I use GNU/Linux at home and at work everyday. While at home, I typically use Google(tm)'s gmail via the web and sometimes with Thunderbird. Google(tm) makes using your email client of choice very easy because they let you access your gmail with IMAP and/or POP access for free. It would be nice if more companies and server products would take the "open and inter-operable to everyone" approach(hint, hint). This is the way things are going anyways as far as I can tell. The only other provider that I know of that allows free POP access is

As for work, I currently have no choice but to connect to Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007(r) product (hopefully this will change sooner or later to something like openXchange or Google(tm)). And Despite the lack of openness of the Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007(r), I am able to use Novell's F/OSS Evolution email client(from Ubuntu 9.10 GNU/Linux) with IMAP to get email but I have to use the built-in Evolution calend…