Linux - On Desktops Near You; Lexmark Packaging now Shows Linux

Never say never, that's my motto.

First, ABC and FOX Full Episodes add support for the GNU/Linux-compatible Adobe Flash Player. And now, retailers are selling products that are marked with "Linux" in the "System Requirements" list.

I now expect to see, as I predicted last year, the massive influx to Linux as being the "prominent platform of choice", as well as Linux becoming the Universal Gaming Platform(WebGL may be a hint of this). Amidst all the other problems in the world, technological freedom and advancement continue to flourish.

After years of returning to my local retailer, searching for computer products marked with Linux compatibility, I'm finally seeing it. I'm seeing it on Lexmark printers. See below.

image credit: me with my Droid @ walmart

For those who are interested in a full review of the another new Lexmark printer (the Lexmark Pro905 Platinum multi-function printer - NOT pictured above) see this article at Phoronix.

Not that I'm discounting the efforts of other companies that have long been friends to GNU/Linux. For example,Hewlett Packard has long been a premier provider for Linux-compatible printing with the "HPLIP" resource. Also, Logitech's webcams have community driven drivers, see Of course there's also vendors like Dell Ubuntu or, who sell computers with Desktop Linux preloaded (and easily found on their websites), and there are others. These are the vendors who really have the guts to be on the forefront of technology. Truly.

So won't you join me in embracing a new era in advanced and open computing? Let Freedom, and Technology ring - it's been a long time coming.

Shannon VanWagner

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