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Call To Action: Make a GNU/Linux Coalition Against Patent Trolls And Monopolists

Amidst the great success of GNU/Linux and FOSS, now is the time to band together and protect the community that provides the future of technology for all of us.

There are companies out there, including coercive monopolists that aim to put an end to the "community FREE software" that is GNU/Linux/FOSS. Why? Because it obliterates their business model by being better.

Certain companies, especially those who are THE ONLY CHOICE at your local computer store, are busy forecasting that the wave of planetary-scale of community driven, FOSS/GNU/Linux software will crush their restrictive ways forever. These closed-minded, greed-driven control-artists are using last ditch efforts to SUE their way to success and remain in monopoly control of certain markets.

It's a signal for the rest of us, who are steadfast in our dedication to Technology and the future of humankind to stand united in the fight against restriction. Now is the time to act! Now is the time to band together, and cr…