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UPDATED: Netflix Cancelled, Moved to Hulu Plus & Amazon Prime for GNU/Linux Client

UPDATE 10/2014 - Netflix streaming now works perfectly in Ubuntu GNU/Linux on Google's Chrome browser!! Hooray!! Thank you Netflix for embracing HTML5 and cross-platform-compatibility! 

Every so often, you have to rearrange things to keep them working right. It's kinda like the fork of OpenOffice to LibreOffice. Well, up until tonight, I was streaming Netflix to my Roku box. Not anymore. Tonight, I cancelled my Netflix account and opened Hulu Plus account instead.

I know that Hulu Plus is more geared towards providing TV shows whereas Netflix is movies and TV shows. And I pretty much liked Netflix, except that they refuse to even acknowledge the desktop GNU/Linux operating system. Here's where is so much better than Netflix. Unlike, Netflix, provides their "Hulu Desktop" application for GNU/Linux. To me,'s actions of providing a GNU/Linux client for their streaming service shows their good corporate citizenship, respect for Technolo…