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GNU/Linux - A Very Bright Future Indeed

GNU/Linux - The Exceedingly Vibrant, Future Enabling, Technological Liberator for Humankind.. Score: All Time High

As a GNU/Linux aficionado for years now, I marvel with delight at the specter of this glorious phenomena of technological freedom and advancement that is GNU/Linux. The profound effects of this philosophy of GNU/Linux has brought our Technological world a vehicle with which to collaborate, evolve, adapt, overcome, celebrate, and advance at a rate previously unattainable. Did these wizards of free open source software (i.e., Richard M. Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Ian Murdock, Mark Shuttleworth, and the so many who have similar histories of contributing to Free Software and GNU/Linux) ever fathom the effect their humble, yet magnanimous, efforts would bring to our world (and for 20 years now)? Unreal.

GNU/Linux is all around us.. It’s truly amazing just how much is done by this remarkable operating system, and often, without mere mortals even knowing it! Time to c…