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Tether Android to Ubuntu / Fedora Linux

(Update 11-15-11 - CLICK HERE for the automatic setup script - Now Just 296KB!sha1sum: f3b79c2e191baf8060367681bae27ac75fab9886). Based on reader comments, I've added the functionality for the script to use either yum or apt-get (Fedora or Ubuntu). Includes updated Azilink by Charlie Snider - for Android 2.3.x. READ the install instructions here (e.g., PLUG YOUR DROID INTO THE USB FIRST!)) Let me know how it works for you in the comments.)

So if you're like me you recently picked up the fabulous Verizon Droid Linux-based phone, and now you're one happy camper.
I've been cruising along with my Droid (Android Linux based device) for a month now, and I'm happy as a clam. I have to tell you... The Verizon Droid is quite a fine Linux-based device indeed.
So now that I've used the Droid for awhile, I set out in search of a piece of functionality that I hadn't yet replaced from my Blackberry days. That is: The capability to tether my Droid as an Internet modem to …

Google+ Here's my invitation to you (about 150 of you actually)

For those who haven't signed up to Google+, I extend my invitation (about 150 of them actually).

With Google+ you get:

Circles - control who has access to what, where messages get sent, etc

Hangouts - Video Cam chat with several people at once (also share youtube videos in the main area)

Games - Addicting, fun, Destined to waste your time.. Awesome!

Sparks - follow/share/collaborate about your interests

And, the reason I like it best:

Data Liberation - Download all your input to Google+ at any time (in zipped format) (yes, unlike fb)

Plus - so much more...


Shannon VanWagner

"Immutable" ( chattr setting ) - When You Can't Change a File in GNU/Linux

So today I learned about a little thing in the GNU/Linux filesystem called "chattr" and making files "immutable". Basically you can have a plain text file that you think you have full permissions over and then not be able to modify it, rename it, delete it, etc. This nifty (and possibly maddening) trick can be setup with the "chattr" command. See my examples below...

Create a simple text file
shannon@ubuntu-star:~$ echo Linux Rocks > testfile
Check the permissions of the file you just created:
shannon@ubuntu-star:~$ ls -l testfile -rw-r--r-- 1 shannon users 12 2011-08-10 23:47 testfile
Note that in the above state, I can write to the file, `mv` the file to a different name, `rm` it, etc. Now, for the magic (Or "basic commands" for a "novice" type stuff, according to )

Use chattr to set the "immutable" attribute to the file.
shannon@ubuntu-star:~$ sudo chattr +i testfile
Notice how…