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(updated) How To: Ubuntu 16.04 GNU / Linux - Netgear Wireless AC Adapter AC600 ( AC6100 ) Dual Band

Update - 9/16/2017 SIMPLY DO THIS ONE STEP TO SEE IF IT MAKES YOUR ADAPTER WORK: Try building the driver by running this in the terminal (ctrl+alt+t): sudo apt-get install rtl8812au-dkms
It works for me in Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful) If the above doesn't get your wireless working, then start the process from the rest of this blog post by first running:
sudo apt-get remove rtl8812au-dkms
Continued below...

Another GNU/Linux adventure. This time with Ubuntu GNU/Linux 16.04, kernel - uname -r - 4.4.0-12-generic.

So I went shopping at my local Walmart (TM), and picked up this Netgear (TM) Wireless AC Adapter AC600 (A6100) Dual Band USB wireless adapter and brought it home to install in my GNU/Linux rig.

Plug it in and nothing... No wireless connection detected!

Why does this still happen! The year is 2016, why do we still have to manually setup wireless adapters for GNU/Linux? Oh well, good honest CLI training for the users to understand their new system I guess.

So, as it turns out, the driver fo…