My Thoughts On Valve's Proton Steam Play Feature and Linux Gaming

So I was reading a great post by liamdawe@ over at entitled: 'Some thoughts on Valve’s new Steam Play feature and what it means for Linux gaming', and I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

liamdawe's post is about Valve's new Linux+GNU Gaming initiative dubbed 'Steam Play', which uses an open source fork of the venerable WINE compatibility application for playing win-based programs on Linux, see for more information about this great program.

First of all, these are exciting times for Linux Gaming!

I've been plugging for gaming on Linux for a decade or more. I've also been using and working with Linux for even longer than that. For example, I wrote some simple posts about how Linux would be great for gaming back in 2009, e.g., 'Proof - Gamers want GNU/Linux ports'. After all these years, I'm still just as excited about Linux being a major gaming platform as I was back then!

Also, I remember back on 7/25/2012 wh…

Tether Android to Ubuntu / Fedora Linux

(Update 09-08-17 - CLICK HERE for the automatic setup script - Now Just 296KB!sha1sum: f3b79c2e191baf8060367681bae27ac75fab9886). Based on reader comments, I've added the functionality for the script to use either yum or apt-get (Fedora or Ubuntu). Includes updated Azilink by Charlie Snider - for Android 2.3.x. READ the install instructions here (e.g., PLUG YOUR DROID INTO THE USB FIRST!)) Let me know how it works for you in the comments.)

So if you're like me you recently picked up the fabulous Verizon Droid Linux-based phone, and now you're one happy camper.
I've been cruising along with my Droid (Android Linux based device) for a month now, and I'm happy as a clam. I have to tell you... The Verizon Droid is quite a fine Linux-based device indeed.
So now that I've used the Droid for awhile, I set out in search of a piece of functionality that I hadn't yet replaced from my Blackberry days. That is: The capability to tether my Droid as an Internet modem to …

HowTo: Frostwire install on Ubuntu Linux 16.04. Answered for Carl of SC.

  "Switch to GNU/Linux and get your freedom on today!" A message I've been working to share for years! A simple way that I do this, is by wearing a shirt that says "Linux" as often as I can.
  So I was out on a road trip, proudly wearing my Ubuntu GNU/Linux shirt, and I pulled into a gas station to get a snack. That's when I met Carl.
  Carl saw my shirt and complimented Linux. We nearly did a high five right there in the gas station! Then, after a quick exchange of praise for our favorite operating system, and a solid hand shake, Carl asked if I knew how to solve a problem he was having with installing the Frostwire application for Ubuntu 16.04, or even in Pinguy OS.

Frostwire is a GPL licensed, free and open-source software (FOSS) application for use with bit-torrent(file sharing/distribution), media-download(i.e., from YouTube,, etc.), and/or media-playback of a myriad of different media content types (i.e.,m4a,mp3, and more).
  So to get my …

(Updated) Chrome Browser Freezing Up Your Linux Box? Try This:

Being an absolutely avid GNU/Linux user, I am always very much enjoying my technological freedom!

In fact, switching to GNU/Linux is among the better choices I've ever made, career-wise and from the standpoint of weilding the cutting edge when it comes to Technology! Get Yours!

That said, I use two web browsers on my Linux machines: Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox.

The thing with using Chrome on GNU/Linux, and it's good and a bad thing - is that the Adobe(tm) Flash plugin is integrated into the Chrome. So until all Flash content gives way to HTML5 content on the web, Chrome gives me the most functionality for the current Internet.

Google's Chrome is an awesome an powerful browser that's based on the Open Source Chromium project. This is an awesome project that helps to provide the most access to the web, from all sorts of devices and operating systems - it's cross-platform-compatible.

Google Chrome is awesome, but one thing I've noticed, is that…

(updated) How To: Ubuntu 16.04 GNU / Linux - Netgear Wireless AC Adapter AC600 ( AC6100 ) Dual Band

Update - 9/16/2017 SIMPLY DO THIS ONE STEP TO SEE IF IT MAKES YOUR ADAPTER WORK: Try building the driver by running this in the terminal (ctrl+alt+t): sudo apt-get install rtl8812au-dkms
It works for me in Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful) If the above doesn't get your wireless working, then start the process from the rest of this blog post by first running:
sudo apt-get remove rtl8812au-dkms
Continued below...

Another GNU/Linux adventure. This time with Ubuntu GNU/Linux 16.04, kernel - uname -r - 4.4.0-12-generic.

So I went shopping at my local Walmart (TM), and picked up this Netgear (TM) Wireless AC Adapter AC600 (A6100) Dual Band USB wireless adapter and brought it home to install in my GNU/Linux rig.

Plug it in and nothing... No wireless connection detected!

Why does this still happen! The year is 2016, why do we still have to manually setup wireless adapters for GNU/Linux? Oh well, good honest CLI training for the users to understand their new system I guess.

So, as it turns out, the driver fo…

How to fix slow video in Supertux 0.3.4 (FOSS game)

Supertux2, is a fantastic free open source ( FOSS / GPL ) 2d side-scroller game, similar to the Super Mario Bros variety. My children have been playing this awesome game for years.

This awesome game is available in most GNU/Linux distros via their software package-management systems. It's also available for other OSes.

In the case of the Debian-based GNU/Linux, the packages are available for the previous version of Supertux (sudo apt-get install supertux-stable), and Supertux2 (sudo apt-get install supertux).

To learn more about Supertux, checkout the project page for Supertux is supertuxproject.orgThanks to all the great efforts from the Supertux team for this awesome game!

Supertux2 is the newest of the Supertux games and is fabulous. However, the Supertux2 game appears to have a bug where the "auto" selection of video rendering can result in very slow behavior from the game.

You can check the video setting for Supertux2 from the terminal(CTRL+ALT+t) with something li… - No Video Love For Linux Users(even paying ones); Modern Technology Fail!

(UPDATE 2-13-2016) - Hulu now working on Google Chrome browser again! Hulu folks - for us Linux users, please test before breaking Hulu on Linux in the future. Thanks for looking out.

Self-driving cars, the international space station, major stock markets, bullet trains, top supercomputers, billions of smart phones, animated movies, science, education, entire citties, and even the very Internet that we rely on for information and connectivity everyday. These are just a few of the amazing things that are brought to us thanks to the power of the GNU/Linux operating system!!

So why is it that wouldn't test to ensure us GNU/Linux desktop users weren't blocked by their latest DRM/video-rendering update? C'mon, I'm a paying customer - and used to work just fine for me on my Ubuntu GNU/Linux systems.

Now when I try to view, I'm presented with this problem and can't watch the videos at all:

To's credit, it's not all thei…