GNU/Linux As The Platform for the Future of Innovation and Gaming

Some weeks back, I wrote a blog entry entitled "Game Makers, Please Investigate the GNU/Linux Niche". The article was aimed at computer game developers and asked game makers to investigate whether porting many of their popular games to GNU/Linux might be profitable and successful venture.

I wrote the blog entry because time after time I see clues that indicate computer gaming can easily become a successful prospect on the GNU/Linux platform. Also, I wrote because I would like to see many more games ported to the GNU/Linux platform (well of course!).

The truth is, when I think of real excitement and action in the world of computing and technology, I think of GNU/Linux. Consider this: The GNU/Linux way of thinking has brought an un-compiled, basket case of mix-matched(yet very useful and powerful) parts together to create a Desktop Operating System that has creatively morphed into literally hundreds of specialized distributions, each with a more specific style and application. Think of getting all the parts for an F-22 Talon Fighter Jet from different sources located all over the world, and then having the team capable of doing so, put it all together right in front of your eyes, and then you getting to fly the new Jet wherever you want for FREE!! - that's how exciting GNU/Linux is!

The point here is that within just about 2 years, the parts and pieces of GNU/Linux for the Desktop(notice I have not mentioned Linux in the server role - as that's been popular longer) have come together to create a strong competitor to other major Desktop computer Operating Systems.

So now when I think of computer gaming, and I throw in the inertia and excitement of the GNU/Linux Desktop OS development model, I see a WHOLE NEW world of computer gaming spreading out before the world, and I see so much potential, and it's AWESOME!!

The model for proprietary Operating Systems is dead. Like software license keys, and proprietary document formats, proprietary Operating Systems are just so 1980s. It's 2009. Look around, you'll see that Openness is everywhere - desktop computers, servers, network devices, embedded devices, and even cell phones are either already running Open Operating Systems, or are moving towards using them. As pointed out in the recent article: "How Many Linux Users Are There (Really)?", everyone in the modernized, computer using world uses Linux every single day. So now it's time to get gaming on GNU/Linux and on the Desktop computer - no problem, that's what I say.

Why is this, you might ask? Because the Open Operating System allows utmost amount of innovation to grow from the base of it. When an Operating System is Open, it allows for the most state of the art changes to be made to the core of it easily, which allows the Open Operating System to remain in the forefront of technology. The Open model also allows for the maximum amount of advancement because it allows input from a whole planet of humans seeking to be enable themselves with technology versus the relatively small number of employees at a specific company. The Open Operating System creates the solid foundation upon which all other types of good software should be built upon.

But don't take my word for it. There are others out there that want to embrace GNU/Linux, the ones who have the intestinal fortitude that it takes to be a great company. As Ken Starks says in "Linux Gets Gooey for Friday the 13th" We now get the chance to do what we say we are going to do. It's been coming for a long it's here. The "big boys" won't give us games...the little guys will. It's time to say thank you.: . One such example is 2D Boy(Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel), whom just ported their very popular(Wii game of the year 2008) game "World of Goo" over to Linux and are selling it for $20 a copy.

So there it is. Now you know why I'm pushing for GNU/Linux to be the premiere gaming/computing platform. It's all about Openness, the future of computing, about people getting the most from their computer systems, and most of all it's about humans being enabled with technology.

If you haven't tried GNU/Linux, you just don't know what you're missing (get started by clicking here). Use GNU/Linux, and start on your journey of the phenomenal combination of Freedom and Excitement that computer technology yearns to offer you in the world today.

Shannon VanWagner

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