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HowTo: Frostwire install on Ubuntu Linux 16.04. Answered for Carl of SC.

  "Switch to GNU/Linux and get your freedom on today!" A message I've been working to share for years! A simple way that I do this, is by wearing a shirt that says "Linux" as often as I can.
  So I was out on a road trip, proudly wearing my Ubuntu GNU/Linux shirt, and I pulled into a gas station to get a snack. That's when I met Carl.
  Carl saw my shirt and complimented Linux. We nearly did a high five right there in the gas station! Then, after a quick exchange of praise for our favorite operating system, and a solid hand shake, Carl asked if I knew how to solve a problem he was having with installing the Frostwire application for Ubuntu 16.04, or even in Pinguy OS.

Frostwire is a GPL licensed, free and open-source software (FOSS) application for use with bit-torrent(file sharing/distribution), media-download(i.e., from YouTube,, etc.), and/or media-playback of a myriad of different media content types (i.e.,m4a,mp3, and more).
  So to get my …